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holy fuck...

So, ranting in a non angry way.

or stating something i don't want people to read. ie ernie.
and a few others.

screw the john idea. i don't know if i ever liked him in that way.
i think i was covering up some sort of thing for ernie, because i didn't want to disappoint john or anything, and i know that ernie doesn't like me [john and brennan disagree. i don't believe them. i probably should though, because they were actually THERE during homecoming and everything else.]. i'm at loss. and i know if i go to memphis, something bad's gonna happen.

but i still wanna go. which brings me to my next rant...
I HAVE FIVE DAYS LEFT TILL ERNIE GOES TO SOUTH CAROLINA AND I'M STILL NOT IN TENNESSEE!!! and i can't go when he gets back because i'm going to be in MA. and then on the ninth they all start school, because memphis schools are psycho. an-
screw the ranting, i'm going out on my roof.

i accidentally posted that ^^ in my livejournal. thank you for delete.
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